Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Time

 In our home we have Family time every morning. That's right! Everyday after breakfast and chores are done we gather in our living room to talk about our day and also to discuss something on Islam.

We will start by saying what the day is and what things we have to get done for that day. Things like school or if there will be errands that need to be done for that day. I may even talk about things that my children need to work on in character. I take this "family time" and show them how to properly act with other people and adults, according to Islam.
We then may read Quran. I usually read Quran on Jumma(Friday). I will read surah Al-Kahf. Sometimes I may read a small surah or have one of my boys recite a surah they know.

If we do not read Quran then I have several books that we can read. Right now we are reading about the different prophets. I will read and explain what we are reading so that they understand completely what is being said. During this time I allow Islamic questions about anything. Sometimes they will ask me about things concerning their friends. Things that they have heard their friends say like" is their a tooth fairy?" We will speak about this and get the facts according to Islam. Or maybe they are having a problem with a friend of theirs and we will discus how to handle that problem according to Islam. We end with each child being given their school work for the day and off they go. My "family time" usually takes an hour or an hour and half. I think that this time is a good time for my children because it is a time when we can sit with no TV or kids playing and talk face to face and get things out in the open. I have been doing my "family time" for about 3 years now and am really loving it. Do you do " family time?" If so, what do you do during that time? Share your thoughts and ideas. InshaAllah you all will have a GREAT day!


  1. This is a great post mashaAllah!! Family time is so important especially for our children, it gives them good memories and its good for them mentually and spiritually.

  2. @ Ameera. Yes, I agree with you. It does create good memories and gives them a time to ask and talk about things on their minds.