Thursday, December 1, 2011

Your Husbands Homecoming!

How do you prepare for your husbands homecoming?  I thought I would share what I do and then you can share what you do. :)

I always put a clean pair of warm PJ's on the bed for him. They are ready for him when he walks in the house and after everyone has said their hello's I let him go to the bedroom where his clean clothes are waiting for him. This also gives him some time to unwind,in a quiet place, after a long day's work.
Since it's winter now I try and make sure the fire is going. It brings a warm and cozy atmosphere to our home.
I always have dinner ready for him. My husband is ALWAYS hungry by the time he gets home and wants to eat right away. So dinner is ready!!
If I have everything on hand I try and have a sweet dessert of some kind made. My husband LOVES sweets. So I always try and have something even if it is some homemade cookies.
My husband is a coffee drinker so a pot of coffee is waiting for him after his dinner and he can have a cup of coffee and his dessert and watch whatever he wants on TV. Which is mostly soccer. I also try and make sure that I have spent a little time on myself. Putting on some perfume, combing my hair, and making sure I have clean clothes on. I don't think any husband should come home to a messy wife or home. Taking a little time to prepare your home and self will make his homecoming more welcoming and something he can look forward to after a VERY long day at work. What do you do for your husband's homecoming?

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