Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beauty VS Ugly

In the book I am reading( You Can Be The Happiest Woman In The World) it reads this....Before you look at the thorns of the rose, look at its beauty.
Before you complain about the heat of the sun, enjoy its light.
Before you complain about the blackness of the night, think of its peace and quiet. Why look at things in such a pessimistic and negative manner? Why look only at the bad in our husbands or children. Look at the good in them and praise them for it. You will start to love them better. Be a wife that truly loves her husband because of who he is not for what he is not. Everyone has bad things. Like the rose has its thorns, the sun has its heat, and the night can be scary. Even we wives have bad in us yet we want our husbands to think we are the world. So goes the same for our husbands. They want us to think they are the BEST thing in this life to us. Instead of always seeing the bad in our children see the good they do and start praising them for it. They will want to please you and start to do good just so they can hear "great job." Looking at the good will take a bit of work on your part because you will have someone standing next to you trying to get you to see the bad,the Shaytan! Ask Allah to help you and guide you to see the beauty around you, the good in others. It's the Shaytan who wants you to see the bad and ALWAYS complain. So when you are complaining to your husband he is his happiest. See the beauty and the good today. 

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