Sunday, December 18, 2011

Good Afternoon Everyone!!

We are going into another week and thought I would share this with you all. This comes from the book " You Can Be The happiest Woman In The World." It says"Man finds happiness in a word that comes from the lips of a woman." Do you speak kind words to your husband? Or does your husband wish you wouldn't even open your mouth? Are you gentle when you speak to him? Or are you harsh and mean? Do you speak words that draw him closer to you? Or do you speak words that has made him loose his love for you? Do you speak words that make him think of you all day? Or do you speak words that makes him think of someone else all day? Be a wife that your husband finds happiness in the way you speak and makes him want to hear more from you. Have a great week everyone and be the best wife you can for Allah and your husband. Remember he is your Jenna!!

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