Friday, December 23, 2011


In Islam we are to treat our husbands in a good manner. I think of this in a way like if I had a guest in my home how would I treat that person. First, I would be VERY respectful,speak in a kind way,serving them,laughing with them, giving them my full attention,and making sure that when they were in my home they would want to come back.
We must be respectful to our husbands. This is what Allah has required for us to do. This is a right that our husbands have. When we have a guest in our home we do this without even thinking about it. Even if you don't really like the person you still show respect to them. Even if you don't agree with what the person is saying you still show respect to them. We should do this for our husbands. We may not always like what they say but we should always respect them. We always speak in a kind way to our guests. We should be speaking first in this manner to our husbands. We are not perfect but we should strive to do what Allah has asked for us to do.
We should serve them. When someone comes to your home you serve them without them even asking for anything. We should do the same for our husbands. Yes, of course, things get in the way sickness and children but we should strive to do this. Laughing with them and giving them our full attention. When they come home we should be in a good mood or at least try to be. We would be in a good mood if we had guests over to our home. Why not then for our husbands? We should also give them our full attention. Now of course, we have children but we can take some time to hear about their day and talk about problems they may have. I know I have sat many times and helped worked through problems that my husband was having at work. You would do the same if you had a guest over and they were opening up to you about something they were going through at the time. Making our home comfortable for our husbands. This way they want to be there with you. They want to come home to you. Treating our husbands in a good manner means many different things. Being a good hostess means many different things but we do all that we can to make sure we are on our best behaviour when guests arrive. We should do the same for our husbands who care,love,protect, and provide for us and our children.

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