Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rising Early Or Sleeping Late?

Do you get up early or sleep late? Part of living a Muslim life we MUST get ourselves into the practice of getting up early and observing the Fajr salah.
In Al Bukhari and Muslim Abu Musa(ABPH) reported that the Messenger of Allah(SAS) said" He who observes Al-Bardan(Fajr) and Asr will enter Jenna. Knowing this hadith why wouldn't you want to get up and preform this Salah? Knowing that it will protect you from the hell fire?
In Muslim Jundub Bin Sufyan(ABPH) reported that the Messenger of Allah (SAS) said" He who offers the Fajr salah will come under the protection of Allah. O son of Adam! Beware, lest Allah should call you to account in any respect from(for withdrawing) His protection. We should show energy when we perform our Fajr salah. Getting up a little before the athan and performing wudu. This in itself will wake you up and get you ready to show that energy that Allah wants from you and not to be half asleep. Taking this time while everything is quiet and starting your day with Allah. I don't know how more of a beautiful way to start the day than in bowing before your Creator. We also will gain Allah's protection for that day. What better way to be protected from all harm. 
In Al-bukhari and Muslim Abu Hurairah(ABPH) reported that the Messenger of Allah (SAS) said "There are Angels who take turns in visiting you by night and by day and they all assemble at the dawn(Fajr) and Asr salah. Those who have spent the night with you,ascend to the heaven and their Rubb,who knows better then them, asks"In what condition did you leave my slaves?" They reply " We left them while they were performing salah and we went to them while they were performing salah." Isn't this how you want the Angels to speak of you? I know I do. During this early morning time is a time to reflect on your day and read or learn a surah, which will allow you to gain even more reward from Allah.)
Also during this time take a little time for yourself and sit quietly and be still. Have a cup of tea alone and quiet. Make dua to your Rubb.
This is also a time you as a mother can take some time and have a meal alone. Without always hearing "MOM!" I know I like to have a meal here and there alone when it's only me and I can eat and have a quiet moment. Also, I think it's so special that Allah has allowed for us many ways to enter Jenna. This is one of them. Going to bed at a time when you know you will get plenty of rest and able to rise early to give to Allah. InshAllah if you don't get up early and start your day with Allah you will change after reading this.

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