Monday, December 26, 2011

A New Year!!

Are you getting ready for the next year 2012? I know I am. I am already working on some goals for myself. I already have my planner picked out for 2012. Take a look at  I just found out about this planner and am planning on using it for 2012.
Maybe your planning on becoming more organized in your home and trying to be more schedule with your routine.
Maybe you want to learn to cook more and be more efficient in the kitchen. Planning meals or building a pantry.
Or maybe you are going on a diet or want to eat better and more healthier. Making better foods for you and your family.
Exercising more often to loose weight or just become more in shape so you are able to do your work better and with more energy around your home.
Whatever your organizing goals may be lets not forget that we must also organize things concerning our deen.
We need to organize things like taking time out to learn Quran and teaching our children Quran as well. Or at least finding a way so that they may do this. How about gaining more knowledge about a certain subject in Islam and then asking for guidance from Allah to make the change in our lives. Teaching and educating our children in Islam. This is a BIG project in our lives as mothers. We MUST teach our children about Islam. Not just about praying but about what will happen when you die, things about Jenna and the Hellfire. The ways of the Prophet(SAS) and the way he lived his life. What Allah likes and dislikes from us.
I often listen to lectures on You Tube. I like to listen to lectures more than I like to read. I LOVE reading don't get me wrong but sometimes I like to just sit with a cup of tea and listen to a lecture. I will usually do this in the morning or at night when my children are sleeping and my husband is working late. How about pick a book or two to read for the year 2012 and make one for gaining knowledge and the other to give you daily reminders about Islam. Learn how to become a better wife according to the wives of the Prophet(SAS). Or learn how the Prophet(SAS) lived his life and then follow what he did in your own life. Or learn about proper hijab and implement it in your life. Whatever your goals are for this next year first plan some goals for your deen and then more onto your goals for your personal life and don't forget family goals as well. InshaAllah everyone will have a wonderful,challenging,and learn more about Islam this year. Have a great 2012!!

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