Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Peaceful Home

What kind of home do you create for your family? Is it a comfortable one or one where there is loud noises,kids screaming,a wife who is always in a bad mood,and the house out of order?
InshaAllah it is a place that is peaceful, quiet,and joyful. Doesn't this home look quiet and peaceful? It is surrounded by beauty. Even if your home is not surrounded by beauty like this we can make our home just as beautiful.
How about starting off with a clean home.A home that is clean allows you and your family the rest they need and a place where things are under control. This means we as wives must work hard at keeping it that way. This doesn't mean that there will be times when things get a bit out of whack. Sometimes members of our family will get sick and it will put us off track but if things are in order it will not take us long to get things back on track.
I love having a good smell in my home. I love oil warmers. I have them all over my home. It just makes me happy and alert when I have a good smell all over my home. Have you ever had a bad smell in your home before? We all have, I know I have. It just puts you in a bad mood.
Candles can also bring smell to your home and a cozy,warmth to the atmosphere. I love it when I have candles going in my home. In the evening I will light a bunch of candles and turn all the lights off. It's so warm and cozy and brings a peaceful calm to my home.
How about a pie that you yourself baked earlier that day. I love the smell of an apple pie that has been baking that day. The smell of apples and Cinnamon just warms my heart and puts a smile on my face not to say makes my husband VERY happy. He LOVES sweets. So I can do two things with one item. I can create a warm atmosphere and make something for my family to enjoy that evening.

Having family dinners together. Setting the table nice and a setting that is warm and calming. One that is inviting and makes you want to sit down to enjoy that meal. Even if all it is, is soup and sandwiches. :)
How about a romantic evening meal for just you and your husband? I know many times we have not been able to go out and spend money on a nice dinner just me and my husband. So I create one right at home. Put the kids to bed and you and hubby sit down for a nice warm meal. A home where mom and dad get along and really love each is key to a peaceful home. I believe that one of the ways to have that is for mom and dad to spend time together ALONE!! Away from kids. My husband and I have one night every week that we watch our favorite show on TV and we have LOTS of snacks and drinks. The kids know bedtime for that one night a week is early because that is mom and dad's time. My husband and I have so much fun on that night. Laughing and eating our favorite snacks and just being together.
A home where mom takes time out for herself and put some makeup on. We as Muslim wives know that we cannot wear make up outside of our homes but that shouldn't stop us from wearing it in your homes and looking nice for our husbands.
Put on his favorite perfume and smell good while he is at home. Not only are you doing something for your husband you are also teaching your children how a wife should act. Your teaching your boys and your daughter the proper way of Islam.
InshaAllah you will take the time to create a peaceful home for your family. One they want to be in and want to come home to. One where there is order and calmness. One where there is a good smell and you as a wife enjoy being in your home serving your family and others around you. Enjoy your home and family today. :)

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  1. Great post mashaAllah!! Great reminders on the importance of making our home pleasant and peaceful