Friday, December 9, 2011


Prophet Muhammad(SAS) said "Allah most high is pleased when a man eats something and praises Him for it,or drinks something and praises Him for it."(Muslim) When we eat or drink ANYTHING even if it is a piece of candy we should thank Allah for it. We must teach our children this act. We should ALWAYS be thankful to our Creator for EVERYTHING He has given us even the little things. Always have a grateful heart.
Prophet Muhammad(SAS) said" Two persons' food is enough for three and three persons' food is enough for four."(Bukhari and Muslim) As homemakers we should not forget about the people that sometimes need to eat but can't. As homemakers we should be willing, at times, to open our home and serve the poor and needy. We may think that we have only made enough food for our family but really it can stretch. Ask Allah to make the food you have prepared to be enough for the people you are wanting to help.
Taking a plate of food to a neighbor you know has been hit with loosing their job or someone who has lost a loved one. Inviting someone over who hasn't had a hot meal in days. Serve them and make them feel special in your home, for the sake of Allah. We will not only be doing something for someone else but we will be an example to our children and showing them about this WONDERFUL religion,ISLAM!


  1. Its a great feeling to serve others and teaching our children the virtue in this is important! I feel so good when I serve my family my friends and my neighbors mashaAllah...never worry about that you don't have enough food to share, Allah is Ar Razzaq, The Provider, He will give you more Allahu akbar

  2. @ Ameera. You are absolutly right about that. ALlah will ALWAYS provide for the ones that follow Him.