Friday, December 30, 2011

A Muslim Woman Who Loves Allah

A Muslim woman is Allah fearing and one who prays and fasts. One who is dignified and observes hijab. A woman who is trustworthy and loyal. She seeks reward from Allah and repents to Him.
A Muslim woman remembers Allah and gives thanks to Him and calls upon Him. She keeps away from forbidden things.
She has a beautiful smile that sends a message of warmth and friendliness to others around her. Her words are kind and keeps friendships that are permitted in Islam. She sits with her Quran,reciting it and pondering it's meaning. She keeps her mind remembering Allah rather than things that are forbidden.
A Muslim woman doesn't waste time and doesn't give in to physical pleasure and giving into every whim and desire.She doesn't dwell on mistakes and things that have happened in the past. She is clean and organized in herself and her work as a mother and wife. She doesn't wast money on haram things but thinks about how to spend her money in a wise way. She reads useful and beneficial books that will not only help herself but her children and husband.
She raises her children in Islam and is modest with herself. She strives to be what Allah wants her to be and not what the world wants from her. She strives for Jenna and helps her family also strive for Jenna. She is a beautiful Muslim woman!

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