Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your Husband Is Your Jenna(Heaven)

 Prophet Muhammad(SAS) said that your husband is your Jenna(Heaven). If your husband dies and he is pleased with you then you will enter Jenna. Are you working hard to please and serve your husband? Are you trying to be his friend? Or are you just focusing on all his bad traits and making life for him miserable?
 We should work hard to be friends with our husbands. To share with them our lives and what it is inside of our hearts. We should open our hearts and love them for who they are and be an encouragement for them not someone who points out all their bad points.
 We are not perfect wives as they are not perfect husbands. We sure wouldn't want our husbands to focus on all our bad points and everything that we do wrong. We would NEVER want our husbands to tell all his friends everything we do wrong and how stupid we are. Therefore , we shouldn't do any of this to our husbands. They work so hard to give you the things you want....

Like our homes,clothes,cars,cell phones, money to shop, and whatever else you have all came from his hard work. He DESERVES to have your respect and love. For you to tell him how wonderful he really is. When you go about your day don't think always of the wrong things he does but what good things has he done for you. Call him during the day just to say"I love you." Help him when he comes home from a long day at work. Make your home cozy and comfortable. A hot meal waiting for him, a warm pair of comfy clothes to wear. Maybe his favorite desert. I promise you he will not want to leave and will want to stay and talk to you and listen to what you want to talk about. Ask him about his day and tell him about yours. Love him and you will enter Jenna. Serve him with a happy heart and you will enter Jenna. Be a good wife to him and you will enter Jenna!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 Say yes to kind words that establish friendships as permitted in Islam.

Don't you just love having a tea or coffee with a friend? I know I do! I love taking time out of my day and just chit chating with a good friend. It's a break in my day from my work and gets my mind off of the day to day routine.
I love butterflies! They are so sweet looking and ever so beautiful!! We as muslim women should be as beautiful as a butterfly. Quiet, and beautiful in our speech.Speaking words that bring about good friendships that are permitted in Islam. Butterflies don't stay around long soon they die off. We should not stay chit chating ALL day long and everyday. We have our salah's,husbands,homes,children,and gaining knowledge about Islam....
but for a time,as the butterflies have their time in the season, we can have a moment,an afternoon or evening to be with a close friend to become closer together and grow and encourage each other in Islam.Remember to be kind in your words and have good strong friendships that are allowed in Islam.

Monday, November 28, 2011


HADITH: Prophet Muhammad(SAS) said "Even a smile is charity." I am reading a book called "You Can Be The Happiest Woman In The World, By Dr.Aid al-Qarni. It is a devotional book. I read one devotional everyday. I really have enjoyed this book. In the beginging of the book it has a list of things to say "Yes" to as a Muslim woman. The first one says " Say yes, to your beautiful smile that sends a message of warmth and friendliness to others. It's so easy to smile and yet some of us don't. We always have a frown on our faces because life isn't what we want it to be. Smiling can also be an act of charity. We can be rewarded by Allah just for smiling. How beautiful is that!? By smiling you bring such warmth to others....
I think of a warm fire and how it makes me feel. I love fires. They bring such a big smile to my face. I love it's warmth that it gives when it is cold out. I love to listen to the crackling sounds as I sit and watch the glow of the flames.
How about smiling to our husbands and children in the morning when they wake? Sending our husbands off to work with a simple and beautiful smile that we will be rewarded for by Allah. Letting them know we love them and are happy for all the hard work they do for us and our children. Our husbands are our Jenna(Heaven) We MUST please them! How easy and simple to just SMILE.
How about at the end of a long day. To again smile to our husbands and children. When putting your children to bed just give a smile and kiss. How easy is that!? Again you will be rewarded for this act from Allah. When going to bed smile at your husband. He has worked so hard that day to put food into your stomach and your childrens. He has made it so you can be warm in your home during the winter and cool during the summer. He has maybe given you money to enjoy shopping or a car to enjoy going out to visit friends and family. Smile and tell him "thank you" for all that he does for you. You will be rewarded for making him happy and for SMILING!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Muslim Woman

 There are so many beautiful things in this world. Nature has so many different things to look at. Things like fields of flowers and waterfalls.
 Each one is different and has it's own unique style and smell. Think about how many different kinds of flowers there are. Each one looks different and smells different. Each one has it's time of season and each one needs special care. Waterfalls are also so different....
 each one looks different than the last and each one is in a different place. Some are big while others are small. Some are strong while others are quiet.
 I love to look at the beauty Allah has created for me to enjoy. To think how detailed our Creator is. He made everything different and none are the same.

Allah has made us women different. Each one of us are different and has our own unique style and character. Some of us are strong while others are quiet. We all have beauty in our own special way. Allah has created each of us with a special beauty. None of us are "ugly" as the world may say to some of us. When Allah created us He created us with perfection. Let us be proud of who Allah created us to be and how He created us. Let us take care of what He gave us and use our bodies in a special way to serve Him and our families. Let us as Muslim women not be ashamed of how we dress or should act. Let us feel confident in pleasing Allah, our Creator!


WELCOME! I am so happy you stopped by. This blog will be about being a muslim woman and what Allah wants from us as women. How we should live our lives as muslim women and our role as mothers and wives. The struggles we may face and what the haddiths say about women.I hope you will join me and share with us so that we all may become better muslim women and mothers and wives for the sake of Allah. May Allah grant us Jenna, Ameen!