Friday, December 16, 2011

Islamic Library

Do you have an Islamic library in your home? I am starting one and have been working on mine for awhile now. I think it's very important to have one in your home. One that adults and children can read from.
I am working on Islamic books for children. I have books that I can give away to new Muslims and books that I can lend out to people who are wanting to know more about Islam.
I have a few Qurans in my home. Small ones that children can hold and follow along with while an adult reads. I have hadiths books and the book about Chief Sins. I have books on death and dua books. I have daily devotional books. One of my favorite is "Don't Be Sad." I love this book and have reread it many times. I also have books on issues dealing with women. I also think it's good to have a few web sites so that adults and children can learn from. One that I follow is I also listen to lectures on YouTube. What do you have in your library? Happy reading!!  

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