Friday, January 20, 2012

Some Virtues Of Jumma

I thought I would share with you today about some of the virtues of Jumma. Did you know Adam was created on this day and that Jesus will return on this day? Jumma is a special day for us Muslims we should start preparing for it on Thursday. Doing things like clipping nails and  removing hair. We are to always have a shower on Jumma and to proceed to the Masjid as early as possible. Did you know that there are two Angels standing at the doors of the Masjid writing the names of everyone that enters? Isn't that neat?!! We are to listen to the Khutba and NEVER speak during this time not even to warn others to be quiet. On the Jumma we are to make abundant dua. There is an hour during the Jumma that Allah will, for sure, accept your dua. If one recites 80x immediately after Asr and before he stands up from his place... O Allah bless Muhammad, the unlettered prophet and his family and grant them the best of peace, Allah will forgive 80 years of sins and grant him the reward equivalent to 80 years of worship. This day is such an important day and one we NEED to observe and follow the steps Allah has allowed for us to earn reward and MUCH blessings. InshaAllah you all will have a GREAT Jumma!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Time To Be Quiet

I have been away for awhile and haven't done much blogging. There has been so much going on here at my house. As we all know when things pile up so does stress. So I took some time off and spent time with my family and had some time to destress myself. I will be back posting again and InshaAllah I will have some good topics to post. Winter has arrived here in my part of the world. I am sure it is where you all are too. InshaAllah you all are keeping warm. I know I am!! I have been having many fires and doing a lot of crocheting. InshaAllah I will see you all soon.

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Muslim Woman Who Loves Allah

A Muslim woman is Allah fearing and one who prays and fasts. One who is dignified and observes hijab. A woman who is trustworthy and loyal. She seeks reward from Allah and repents to Him.
A Muslim woman remembers Allah and gives thanks to Him and calls upon Him. She keeps away from forbidden things.
She has a beautiful smile that sends a message of warmth and friendliness to others around her. Her words are kind and keeps friendships that are permitted in Islam. She sits with her Quran,reciting it and pondering it's meaning. She keeps her mind remembering Allah rather than things that are forbidden.
A Muslim woman doesn't waste time and doesn't give in to physical pleasure and giving into every whim and desire.She doesn't dwell on mistakes and things that have happened in the past. She is clean and organized in herself and her work as a mother and wife. She doesn't wast money on haram things but thinks about how to spend her money in a wise way. She reads useful and beneficial books that will not only help herself but her children and husband.
She raises her children in Islam and is modest with herself. She strives to be what Allah wants her to be and not what the world wants from her. She strives for Jenna and helps her family also strive for Jenna. She is a beautiful Muslim woman!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Doing A Job You Love

Do you love what you do? I do! I love being a full time wife and mother of 5. It is what I dreamed about when I was little. I played dolls and would pretend I was a mommy and would clean my house, feed my family, dress and rock my dolls. I loved playing "house." Now that I am an adult I still love being a wife and mother and doing all that is required of me.
I love creating a home that I love as well as my family will love.I don't believe you have to have the most beautiful house on the block to have a home that you love. It's what you make it and if when you look at it, it makes YOU happy.

I love planning meals and daily tasks that need to be done or made. It makes my life more workable. I love to search for new recipes and making them for my family and having them smile because they love it so much. :)

I love to clean my home. Yes, it is hard work and sometimes I just don't feel like cleaning AGAIN! However, when I am done cleaning and I can stand back and look at what I have done, I feel so much better about my home and myself. I also know that the rest of my family loves it too.

I love to cook and preparing meals for my family. I also love to share what I make with others. I think sharing a meal with your own family or a guest brings people closer together. It warms people up,cheers someone who has had a bad day, and lets others know you care about them because you took the time to make something THEY like.
I love what I do! I think that if you do what you love it brings joy to your heart and keeps away stress and even illness. When you are happy your body reacts to that. When you are always stressed and mad and are just plain not happy with your life your body will react to that but in a bad way. Being a full time wife and mother,I believe, is what Allah wants me to do. It is what He created for me to be. I am earning reward from Allah while trying to do my best as a wife and mother. Allah has given me all the tools that I need to do the job that He created for me to do. He has given me the desire to do my job, the mind to think of creative ways to make my home and family better. He has even allowed for me the ability to do research on how to do my job in the best way I can. I read books on cooking decorating. I also read how Allah wants my home to be. How He wants me to raise my children and how to be the wife He would be pleased with. I know that I am not perfect but that is what He is there for. I can go to my Creator and ask forgiveness and try again. Allah has created each of us to do something different. Some of us are mothers while some are teachers, evene doctors. Yes, I think Allah calls some of us women to be something other than full time mothers. Why? I think because we women need to have someone to go to when we are sick or having a baby. Or how about a hairdresser. We women need someone to go to when we need our hair done. So we all have our part in this life and we must do what Allah wants from us. Serving Him the way He wants us to serve. I also believe that our first priority is our families and husbands. Many women can work right from their home serving the other women in their community. Do what you love. You will be more happier, less stressed, and willing to gain more reward. Why? Because you have a passion to be the best at what you love.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A New Year!!

Are you getting ready for the next year 2012? I know I am. I am already working on some goals for myself. I already have my planner picked out for 2012. Take a look at  I just found out about this planner and am planning on using it for 2012.
Maybe your planning on becoming more organized in your home and trying to be more schedule with your routine.
Maybe you want to learn to cook more and be more efficient in the kitchen. Planning meals or building a pantry.
Or maybe you are going on a diet or want to eat better and more healthier. Making better foods for you and your family.
Exercising more often to loose weight or just become more in shape so you are able to do your work better and with more energy around your home.
Whatever your organizing goals may be lets not forget that we must also organize things concerning our deen.
We need to organize things like taking time out to learn Quran and teaching our children Quran as well. Or at least finding a way so that they may do this. How about gaining more knowledge about a certain subject in Islam and then asking for guidance from Allah to make the change in our lives. Teaching and educating our children in Islam. This is a BIG project in our lives as mothers. We MUST teach our children about Islam. Not just about praying but about what will happen when you die, things about Jenna and the Hellfire. The ways of the Prophet(SAS) and the way he lived his life. What Allah likes and dislikes from us.
I often listen to lectures on You Tube. I like to listen to lectures more than I like to read. I LOVE reading don't get me wrong but sometimes I like to just sit with a cup of tea and listen to a lecture. I will usually do this in the morning or at night when my children are sleeping and my husband is working late. How about pick a book or two to read for the year 2012 and make one for gaining knowledge and the other to give you daily reminders about Islam. Learn how to become a better wife according to the wives of the Prophet(SAS). Or learn how the Prophet(SAS) lived his life and then follow what he did in your own life. Or learn about proper hijab and implement it in your life. Whatever your goals are for this next year first plan some goals for your deen and then more onto your goals for your personal life and don't forget family goals as well. InshaAllah everyone will have a wonderful,challenging,and learn more about Islam this year. Have a great 2012!!

Friday, December 23, 2011


In Islam we are to treat our husbands in a good manner. I think of this in a way like if I had a guest in my home how would I treat that person. First, I would be VERY respectful,speak in a kind way,serving them,laughing with them, giving them my full attention,and making sure that when they were in my home they would want to come back.
We must be respectful to our husbands. This is what Allah has required for us to do. This is a right that our husbands have. When we have a guest in our home we do this without even thinking about it. Even if you don't really like the person you still show respect to them. Even if you don't agree with what the person is saying you still show respect to them. We should do this for our husbands. We may not always like what they say but we should always respect them. We always speak in a kind way to our guests. We should be speaking first in this manner to our husbands. We are not perfect but we should strive to do what Allah has asked for us to do.
We should serve them. When someone comes to your home you serve them without them even asking for anything. We should do the same for our husbands. Yes, of course, things get in the way sickness and children but we should strive to do this. Laughing with them and giving them our full attention. When they come home we should be in a good mood or at least try to be. We would be in a good mood if we had guests over to our home. Why not then for our husbands? We should also give them our full attention. Now of course, we have children but we can take some time to hear about their day and talk about problems they may have. I know I have sat many times and helped worked through problems that my husband was having at work. You would do the same if you had a guest over and they were opening up to you about something they were going through at the time. Making our home comfortable for our husbands. This way they want to be there with you. They want to come home to you. Treating our husbands in a good manner means many different things. Being a good hostess means many different things but we do all that we can to make sure we are on our best behaviour when guests arrive. We should do the same for our husbands who care,love,protect, and provide for us and our children.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Wife's Duty To Her Husband

The Messenger of Allah says this" Each of you is a Shepherd and is responsible for his flock. The leader is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock. The man is the shepherd of his family and is responsible for his flock. The woman is the shepherd of her husbands household and is responsible for her flock. The servant is a shepherd of his masters wealth and is responsible for his flock." This was narrated by Abd-Allaah Ibn Umaar.
We are responsible for our husband's household. To take care of the home he has provided for his family. It was narrated by Imaan Al-Bukhaari that Faatimah(MABPWH), the daughter of the Messenger(PBUH), asked her father for a servant. He said to her"Shall I not tell you of something that is better for you then that?" When you go to sleep say Subhaa-Allah 33X,Al-HamduLillaah 33x, and Allahhu Akbar 34x. We are to take care of EVERYTHING that our husbands need for us to take care of. This is not to say that the husband should allow his wife to do EVERYTHING. So don't get me wrong here. I think, however, that if the husband is working and the wife is a stay at home mother then most of the work in the home falls on the wife.

We are to do the cleaning and cooking in our homes. Allah has given all what we need to do the many different jobs that are required of us.
Making sure our home is clean and that your home looks as nice as it can for your husband and that it pleases him when he returns home.
Always making sure he has clean clothes to wear and his children. We must obey our husbands in everything. This is an obligation. This is because the husband is the protector and maintainers. They are also the one who directs his wife and children. He also is the one who financially cares for her.
We must get in the habit of serving our husband and our home. I don't mean being a doormat but serve him as he takes care of you and the needs that you have. When our husbands come home to have a meal ready for him. When he asks for a drink to not huff and puff but to smile and serve him with joy.
A wife must also make herself available to her husband. He has the right to enjoy her physically. If a woman refuses to respond to her husband she has committed a major sin(unless she has a valid reason..menses,fasting, or sick) It is reported that if a wife refuses her husband and he goes to sleep angry the Angels will curse her until morning. Our husbands have a strong desire when it comes to intimacy. This is how Allah has made them and we NEED to be there and not allow them to commit haram.
Another thing in Islam we must do as wives is to not allow anyone in our homes that our husbands dislike.This is another right of his. We must obey this. We must watch over our flock and take care of our homes for Allah and our husbands.
Rising early to pray and get our day started in caring for our homes.
Preparing food and being wise about what we do with the food that our husband has provided for us. Caring for his children and being an attentive mother. Who teaches her children and not just putting them in front of the TV all day. Taking care to teach them Islam and Quran. Taking time to teach them education and preparing our boys to handle a family on their own and our daughters to handle a home on their own. I have so much more to share but thought I would start here. There will be more to come later, on the duties we as Muslim wives must do for our husbands and homes and Allah. Remember Allah has created you to do what He wants you to do. So whatever He has asked us to do He has also provided the tools we need to get the job done.