Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your Husband Is Your Jenna(Heaven)

 Prophet Muhammad(SAS) said that your husband is your Jenna(Heaven). If your husband dies and he is pleased with you then you will enter Jenna. Are you working hard to please and serve your husband? Are you trying to be his friend? Or are you just focusing on all his bad traits and making life for him miserable?
 We should work hard to be friends with our husbands. To share with them our lives and what it is inside of our hearts. We should open our hearts and love them for who they are and be an encouragement for them not someone who points out all their bad points.
 We are not perfect wives as they are not perfect husbands. We sure wouldn't want our husbands to focus on all our bad points and everything that we do wrong. We would NEVER want our husbands to tell all his friends everything we do wrong and how stupid we are. Therefore , we shouldn't do any of this to our husbands. They work so hard to give you the things you want....

Like our homes,clothes,cars,cell phones, money to shop, and whatever else you have all came from his hard work. He DESERVES to have your respect and love. For you to tell him how wonderful he really is. When you go about your day don't think always of the wrong things he does but what good things has he done for you. Call him during the day just to say"I love you." Help him when he comes home from a long day at work. Make your home cozy and comfortable. A hot meal waiting for him, a warm pair of comfy clothes to wear. Maybe his favorite desert. I promise you he will not want to leave and will want to stay and talk to you and listen to what you want to talk about. Ask him about his day and tell him about yours. Love him and you will enter Jenna. Serve him with a happy heart and you will enter Jenna. Be a good wife to him and you will enter Jenna!!


  1. Alhamdulilah I have a wonderful husband and I let him know it! Thanks for the post it is a great reminder. :)

  2. I am so glad Zahra that you are happily married and that you love your husband. May you strive to always please him and enter Jenna.Ameen