Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 Say yes to kind words that establish friendships as permitted in Islam.

Don't you just love having a tea or coffee with a friend? I know I do! I love taking time out of my day and just chit chating with a good friend. It's a break in my day from my work and gets my mind off of the day to day routine.
I love butterflies! They are so sweet looking and ever so beautiful!! We as muslim women should be as beautiful as a butterfly. Quiet, and beautiful in our speech.Speaking words that bring about good friendships that are permitted in Islam. Butterflies don't stay around long soon they die off. We should not stay chit chating ALL day long and everyday. We have our salah's,husbands,homes,children,and gaining knowledge about Islam....
but for a time,as the butterflies have their time in the season, we can have a moment,an afternoon or evening to be with a close friend to become closer together and grow and encourage each other in Islam.Remember to be kind in your words and have good strong friendships that are allowed in Islam.

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