Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Muslim Woman

 There are so many beautiful things in this world. Nature has so many different things to look at. Things like fields of flowers and waterfalls.
 Each one is different and has it's own unique style and smell. Think about how many different kinds of flowers there are. Each one looks different and smells different. Each one has it's time of season and each one needs special care. Waterfalls are also so different....
 each one looks different than the last and each one is in a different place. Some are big while others are small. Some are strong while others are quiet.
 I love to look at the beauty Allah has created for me to enjoy. To think how detailed our Creator is. He made everything different and none are the same.

Allah has made us women different. Each one of us are different and has our own unique style and character. Some of us are strong while others are quiet. We all have beauty in our own special way. Allah has created each of us with a special beauty. None of us are "ugly" as the world may say to some of us. When Allah created us He created us with perfection. Let us be proud of who Allah created us to be and how He created us. Let us take care of what He gave us and use our bodies in a special way to serve Him and our families. Let us as Muslim women not be ashamed of how we dress or should act. Let us feel confident in pleasing Allah, our Creator!


  1. How inspirational! Thanks for this lovely blog post! :)

  2. Asalamualaikum,

    Beautiful Alhumdulilah! I am going to read this article with my daughters inshalah. It is important for women to know that each of us have a unique beauty given to us by Almighty Allah. This is a topic that, in my opinion, is not touched on nearly enough. Thanks for writing the words that we needed to hear:-)

  3. May Allah guide us all and bless us all,Ameen.